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What are removable appliances?

Removable appliances are orthodontic devices that can be taken out of the mouth by the patient. They are typically used to correct bite problems, straighten teeth, or create space for incoming teeth. Dentures, mouth guards, and orthodontic retainers are some of the most common removable dental appliances. Removable appliances are not permanently affixed to your child’s mouth and require your child to physically take them in and out.

When are removable appliances used?

We use removable appliances to address a variety of oral health concerns, including:

Tooth loss

If your child has lost several of their teeth due to an accident or extensive tooth decay, we can use removable dentures to temporarily replace those teeth. Prematurely losing their baby teeth puts your child at risk of experiencing issues with the spacing and positioning of their teeth; removable dentures will keep your child’s other teeth from shifting. Or, if your child is only missing one tooth, we may use a dental appliance known as a space maintainer to act as a space holder for the missing tooth.

Nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Night guards are a removable dental appliance that we use to prevent your child from grinding their teeth or tensing their jaw while they sleep. Teeth grinding can contribute to a host of oral health issues, including tooth damage, jaw pain, and dry mouth.

Spacing or crowding issues

Children with spacing or crowding issues often use braces to correct these problems. Once they’re done wearing braces, they need to use an orthodontic retainer to ensure that their teeth stay in their new positions. We also use removable appliances to protect your child’s teeth during sports or high-contact activities. Mouth guards help absorb the impact to your child’s teeth and gums if something or someone hits them in the mouth.

What are the benefits?

Removable appliances have multiple benefits for your child’s dental health:

They’re a non-invasive treatment for improving your child’s oral health

We use dental appliances to correct problems that can impact your child’s long-term oral health, like overcrowded teeth or teeth grinding. The process to fit your child with an oral appliance is fast and easy and doesn’t require surgery or an intensive dental procedure.

Removable appliances allow your child to easily care for their teeth

A drawback to permanent dental appliances that your child can’t remove is the problems they create when they need to brush or floss their teeth. With removable appliances, your child can remove them within seconds so that they can brush and floss like usual. This makes proper oral hygiene faster and more convenient and prevents plaque buildup in areas that are hard to access when they’re using their dental appliance.

Dental appliances are economical

Removable appliances are an affordable option for protecting, improving, and maintaining your child’s teeth and oral health.

Removable Appliances in Queens & Brooklyn, NY - Downtown Braces & Children's Dentistry

Removable Appliances, Queens & Brooklyn, New York


Removable appliances correct dental problems and help your child maintain strong oral health.

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