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What is Invisalign for adults?

The process for Invisalign Adult begins by taking 3D images. It takes a couple of minutes to take these images and there are no gooey, messy impressions involved. Then, we use software and your images to create your plan. We can even show you how you’ll look after finishing your Invisalign treatment.

Wearing Invisalign Adult

The clear aligners for Invisalign Adult are made from flexible plastic that’s comfortable to wear. Thanks to the lack of metal components, there’s no irritation to your mouth, lips, or cheeks. You’re free to continue enjoying your favorite activities, including contact sports and playing musical instruments. If you need to whiten your teeth while undergoing treatment, you’re permitted to do so.

What happens after Invisalign Adult?

When you finish your Invisalign Adult treatment, it’s important to keep your teeth in their new positions. You’ll wear a retainer after Invisalign Adult to keep your teeth from shifting. We’ll discuss recommendations for your retainer usage, but most adults start out wearing their retainer all the time before switching to less-frequent usage.

What are the benefits?

Invisalign Adult has several benefits that make it a popular orthodontic treatment:

Invisalign Adult offers fast results

While your exact treatment time will depend on your orthodontic concerns, Invisalign Adult can address most problems within 6 to 18 months. In less than a couple of years, you can completely overhaul your smile, helping you feel more confident about your appearance. During your treatment, the clear aligners ensure that you feel as confident as possible about your smile.

The Invisalign Adult system won’t disrupt your habits

Patients may remove their Invisalign clear aligners when drinking, eating, and brushing or flossing their teeth. You don’t have to worry about remembering what foods you can or can’t eat or spend your free time trying to maneuver floss between metal wires and brackets. Invisalign is a convenient alternative that improves your smile without requiring changes to your daily routine.

Invisalign Adult is low maintenance

With Invisalign Adult, the only thing you need to remember to do is to wear your aligner and change it every week or two. Dental visits are less frequent with Invisalign because there are no adjustments required like there are with traditional braces. Your actual appointments are usually shorter with Invisalign, as we simply need to confirm that your treatment is progressing as expected.

Invisalign for Adults in Queens & Brooklyn, NY - Downtown Braces & Children's Dentistry

Invisalign for Adults, Queens & Brooklyn, New York


Invisalign Adult is a fast, discreet alternative for adult orthodontic treatment. The aligners are clear and barely noticeable, making them an excellent option for adults who don’t want the hassle or appearance changes associated with braces.

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