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What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive restorative procedure that repairs cracked, discolored, or chipped teeth. We also use dental bonding to close small gaps and spaces between teeth or to adjust the length and shape of teeth. The materials used for dental bonding are safe for your child and won’t negatively affect their health.

Dental bonding is done in a single appointment. We roughen the surface of the tooth before applying a composite resin to repair the tooth’s damaged areas. We may apply an etchant to the tooth before adding the composite resin. The etchant is a chemical that functions like an adhesive and assists with the curing process. To ensure a natural look, we shape the tooth so it matches the other teeth. We use a curing light to harden the resin and ensure it bonds to the tooth.

Dental bonding is usually only done on the surface of a tooth; this means that your child won’t need anesthesia for the procedure, nor will they experience any pain throughout the appointment. We usually don’t have to alter the tooth’s structure when bonding it, allowing us to keep as much of your child’s tooth intact as possible.

What to expect after dental bonding?

Kids can brush and floss their teeth like normal after undergoing dental bonding. To make sure their dental bonding remains undamaged, they should avoid chewing on hard items, like ice or their fingernails. They should never use their mouth to open a bag or bottle, as this habit can easily damage bonded teeth.

Though dental bonding is most commonly used for minor tooth repairs, it still enhances your child’s oral health. The composite resin used for dental bonding acts as a barrier between the child’s tooth and mouth, preventing bacteria and tartar from causing damage to the tooth.

What are the benefits?

There are multiple advantages associated with dental bonding:

Provides smile restoration

Dental bonding repairs your child’s tooth so they feel confident when they smile. We use customized bonding material that matches the shade of your child’s other teeth to ensure that the bonded tooth looks natural.

Offers fast results

Dental bonding takes one appointment, making it an ideal treatment for families with busy schedules. Most appointments for dental bonding take less than an hour.

More affordable than other restorative procedures

Compared to other restorative treatments, like a crown, dental bonding is a budget-friendly option for fixing your child’s damaged tooth. 

Dental Bonding in Queens & Brooklyn, NY - Downtown Braces & Children's Dentistry

Bonding, Queens & Brooklyn, New York


Children have active lifestyles that make them susceptible to tooth damage, including chips and cracks. Dental bonding repairs damage to their permanent teeth to restore their appearance and smile.

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