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Pediatric Emergencies in Queens & Brooklyn, New York

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Pediatric Dental Emergencies in Queens & Brooklyn, NY - Downtown Braces & Children's Dentistry

Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek

How to manage an oral cut.

Knocked-out Baby Tooth

How to manage a knocked-out baby tooth.

Knocked-out Permanent Tooth

How to manage a knocked-out permanent tooth.

Severe Toothache

How to manage a toothache.

Tooth Abscess

What to know about a tooth infection.

Tooth Sensitivity

How to manage tooth sensitivity.

What we can treat for your child.

Common conditions and the immediate measures you can take to manage them.

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Pediatric Dental Emergencies in Queens & Brooklyn, NY - Downtown Braces & Children's Dentistry

How pediatric emergency dentistry can help.

Pediatric emergency dental care refers to dental treatments provided to children in the case of a dental emergency, such as a broken or knocked-out tooth, severe toothache, or facial injury. Children need prompt, effective treatment for their dental problems to prevent more serious problems from developing.

Prevent further damage

Pediatric emergency dental care prevents further damage to your child's teeth and gums. By treating dental problems quickly, pediatric dentists reduce the risk of more serious issues and ensure that your child's teeth and jaws develop properly.

Protect teeth and jaws

In the case of a broken or knocked-out tooth, pediatric emergency dental care protects your child's teeth and jaws. Pediatric dentists are trained to perform emergency procedures, such as stabilizing or replanting a knocked-out tooth, to minimize damage and encourage the best possible outcome.

Relieve pain and discomfort

Pediatric emergency dental care offers prompt relief from pain and discomfort caused by dental problems. By addressing the problem quickly, pediatric dentists can alleviate your child's pain and improve their overall well-being.

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